UK Autism Research

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Who are we looking for? 

We are seeking to recruit adults (aged 18 to 60) with a clinical diagnosis of autism (including autism spectrum disorder and Asperger's syndrome) to participate in research studies to be conducted online. 

Please note that you must have a formal diagnosis made by a qualified professional (e.g., a general practitioner, neurologist, psychiatrist, or clinical psychologist). 

You must be resident in the UK and English must be your first language.

What happens if you register
If you sign up, you will be asked some background questions (e.g., about your age, first language, country of residence) and some questions about your diagnosis. You will also be asked to complete three questionnaires. 

Once we have verified your eligibility, we will send you details of research studies that you can participate in. 

You are under no obligation to participate in any of the studies we contact you about.